Carnevali to FCInter1908: “Duncan/Acerbi not for sale, Berardi made his choice, Juve can’t influence us”

Carnevali to FCInter1908: “Duncan/Acerbi not for sale, Berardi made his choice, Juve can’t influence us”
June 24, 2016 16:30
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 spoke with Sassuolo‘s Giovanni Carnevali, the club’s chairman regarding the current transfer rumours involving Sassuolo and Inter:

” What is the status of negotiations for Andrea Ranocchia? There are margins to close the deal?
“We are in a stalemate. Personally I have not attended the meeting today, but this was our Angelozzi sports director. We talked mostly of young people. Ranocchia talk is all very premature: we want to understand Inter’s intentions regarding this player. He’s a player that we like of course, he’s a great player, and God forbid, a bill though is probing to see what opportunities there may be another thing to talk about Intavolata negotiation. In the meeting we spoke mainly of young people profiles.”

Duncan and Acerbi are two players for whom Inter have shown interest?

“We have already spoken with Inter. We have an excellent relationship with the Nerazzurri management. Among executives and friends confronts us and probe the various availability. They are two interesting players, and of course, like in so many companies they are two aspects that are considered non-transferable and we did know Inter already twenty days ago. “

There are many rumours these days about the future of Domenico Berardi. What are the chances of seeing him with the Nerazzurri shirt?

“I have read several statements, the headlines in the newspapers. The thing is very simple: Berardi did not reject Juventus, he’s made his choice. He’s very close to Sassuolo, very closely linked to the company, and tied and grateful to the coach. This year we will participate in the Europa League and Domenico has the pleasure of staying one more year in Sassuolo to continue its growth path. “

Juventus can affect any negotiations with other teams for the player?

“The player is our property, Juve can not influence the decisions for us. They do not have the right to do so, it has nothing to do Juventus and it never has. We listened to the wishes of the player to stay in Sassuolo. We have noted this and this is a subject that has been done for twenty days. He remains in Sassuolo like Duncan and Acerbi will as already stated.”

Inter remains very interested in the player …

“The interest is one thing, demand is another. We know that Inter like Berardi, as well as other clubs, but since his will is to remain in Sassuolo we’re happy, we have taken a position and will not change our mind. The strategy of the club is clear. Soon we will start the withdrawal, we must be ready and prepared enough. One account is that there is interest, but Inter have not made any proposal, but we’ve heard that in the paper they will.”

These days there has been talk of an offer including Inter player(s)

“If there was something like an offer or not, Inter would have offered before now and wouldn’t have created interference by adding players.There is talk of Juventus, Inter, but the most important thing is that the player is owned by Sassuolo, in this situation he is a bit damaged. Inter and us have a very good relationship, there is mutual respect between the clubs and on the basis of this we are certain that Inter, should they make an offer, would make it first to us and then to the prosecutor, confidentially . If it hasn’t been done like that it will be disurptive and we would certainly not welcome it.”

Source: FCInter1908

By Cammy Anderson


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