Frank De Boer: “We must improve……”

Frank De Boer: “We must improve……”
August 21, 2016 23:37
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Inter manager Frank De Boer was interviewed after the Chievo Defeat by Premium Sports where he highlighted the physical side of Inter’s game:

“There is nothing to deny that today’s game was a difficult one, but we are at the beginning and we can improve the level of play. I choose to play 3 men at defense because of our physical condition.”

He was asked what went wrong in the game, where he replied:

“We must raise the physical condition of our game. Candreva and other players must step up for more physical challenges. We conceded the goal when we were creating and possibly the concentration was gone. We could have stopped the game with a foul perhaps. ”


“I only had one friendly match before it, so it will take time to work on certain aspects “- he added before signing off.



By Shibaprasad Bhattacharya


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