De Boer’s press conference ahead of Pescara vs Inter

De Boer’s press conference ahead of Pescara vs Inter
September 10, 2016 13:00
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For the third time this season Inter coach Frank De Boer held a press conference, this one ahead of the game against Pescara tomorrow night 20.45 CET.

Will tomorrow be the first crossroad of the season?
Obviously we’re not happy with this start and with the first two games. Today is the first day in which we can work completely focused on tomorrow’s game. I have high hopes for that game and think we can pick up some points. We have to remember that a lot of players have been away for international duty but many of them played 90′ which is a good thing.We want to improve and we have already done that.”

What memories do you have of the Glasgow derby?
“Surely it is great to see 90′ of a game like that, one of the most important derbies in the world . A very important match and for Scottish football it’s fundamental to have it back after a few years . The audience is wonderful, as well as the environment . It will be awesome.”

In what aspect have the team already improved and what do you want to see tomorrow?
“We want three points, that’s the most important thing tomorrow. We have already improved both on a technical as well as a psychological level. The points will come but we cannot only look at the score, we must also look at how we play. Against Palermo we did well, we have to continue on that road tomorrow.”

Will Joao Mario start tomorrow? In what position can we expect to see Banega?
“I don’t want to talk about Banega, everybody is ready to play. Joao Mario is ready and will be with us tomorrow.”

In what role will Joao Mario be at his best?
“I think he is a complete midfielder. We can use him in different positions, central midfield or as a winger which is an advantage for us.”

Is tomorrow the start of the championship for Inter?
“The championship already has started, but in a certain way that could be the case. We have worked hard during the international break, also on a physical level. Of course it’s difficult to implement my ideas in such a short time, tomorrow will be a new chapter of this season. But I am confident, just like I said before.”

Can Brozovic and Joao Mario play at the same time on a tactical level?
“They both are great players that can help the team. Of course they can play together and will also do so in the short term.”

Are you surprised of the criticism you have received from the Italian media or did you expect that?
“I think it’s normal, especially when a foreign coach like me arrives. But we have to evaluate all aspects, such as the short time available to prepare for the first game.”

What do you think of the fact that your position will not be as secure as before if you would lose the next couple of games?
“When you are in big club like Inter you will feel the pressure if the results don’t come. For me that is not a problem, I’m convinced that we will get success in the future. The last couple of seasons have been hard, but I’m convinced that we can create something special that will last for a while.”

Come January, will you try to complete the squad, maybe by acquiring a regista?
“When I started this job I didn’t think about what happened to Mancini or about the transfer market, I only think about the future.”

Is there any particular area where the squad needs to improve?
“We need to improve in every way we can. Against Palermo and Chievo there were som errors that made us lose possession of the ball, which resulted in some of the players having to run a lot in order to get the ball back. This is one thing we have to work on, not to suffer that much.”

Can we expect to see Joao Mario as a center midfielder in a 4-2-3-1 formation?
“There are many possible ways in which we could win, we cannot focus on just one formation, the 4-2-3-1 is one possibility. The most important thing is the idea in general of how you want to play. Sometimes you can also change according to how the opponent plays, the physical condition of the squad and the number of games that lie ahead.”

Where can you find room for Jovetic now that he will remain?
“We are talking about a good player, he is doing really well during practices. It also depends on him, I want him to be ready when he will play. I believe in him.”

How is Nagatomo, will he be ready for tomorrow?
“He’s been working out with us and will travel with us to Pescara, he can play and is at 100%.”

Do you want to reply to what Erkin had to say earlier this week?
“I don’t want to reply, I have no interest in replying.”


By Olof Svensson