Frank De Boer: “Joao Mario is excellent, Medel is a pillar at Inter”

Frank De Boer: “Joao Mario is excellent, Medel is a pillar at Inter”
September 12, 2016 00:10
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To Rai Sport, Frank de Boer, Inter’s coach comments on the first success of the Nerazzurri against Pescara:

“Completely satisfied? We are happy for the win, we have a team that serves so much confidence. We could have lost, but the steps forward are there and you could see them. We have to improve, not to miss so many opportunities, keep fighting and believe in ourselves. We are positive and I am too. We lost it maybe in the first part of the race, then we reset the whole thing and did better as the game went along.”

But there’s been a difficult time in the match, culminating with three substitutions: “I said to myself: here I have to change the rules of the game. They needed fresh air and I tripled. We must create a new disruptive force, and we succeeded. We need all the players, not will reward or punish anyone. We can feed the team by playing so well. There are many qualities, for me to get them out to double successes like those of today. Joao Mario will be a cornerstone for the present and future. Medel? I have a lot of respect for Gary, I think that this is the correct position for him. We’ve reflected a lot about this, as his position is the most delicate on the pitch and it’s always very difficult to define precisely a midfielders’ role.

There are players who do well in defense or know how to dribble, but not all can combine all these traits together all at the same time. Do not ever forget the balances. Gary is an Inter column, maybe can do even different things, also depends on the experience. They are details that should always be discussed, but I’m glad the team can also be improved. Banega? He wants the ball close to where he moves; I firmly believe in Joao Mario, he is one who always wants control of the action. I think the key term for both was our consistency in having control. Banega gave an assist, for me this is wisdom. Even I wondered where to put him, this is the right position. Now I have other issues to resolve, again to the search for balance in perfection.”

Source: Rai Sport

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