Icardi to Inter Channel: “A killer goal, we wanted to win”

September 12, 2016 00:17
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Mauro Icardi had his say to Inter Channel analysing the match: “The first goal I didn’t even see pass the goal line, I just heard the noise from the crowd. When I got up, I saw the ball in the net and knew I’d scored. The second one I found myself having the ball and took the shot and it went inside. The best goal of the season? Maybe, but we haven’t seen that many (laughing). Just before the second goal, I asked sgn Damato how much time was left of the game, when I got the ball I just took the shot, putting everything I had in to it. We wanted to win. Tonight I had two or three opportunities to score, on headers from great passes of my teammates. But what really counts tonight is the three points. During my career I haven’t seen that many triple substitutions, but this time it was called for. When De Boer decided to put three attackers on the pitch I felt confident. Eder, Palacio, Jovetic to the left, we had a good formation. Their defenders were under constant pressure. As tonights match against Pescara, against Juventus I usually score. We’ll see how that game turns out, but now we focus on Europa League”


Source: Inter Channel

By Olof Svensson


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