Ausilio: “De Boer leaving? Stupid. We recognised Joao Mario’s qualities years ago”

Ausilio: “De Boer leaving? Stupid. We recognised Joao Mario’s qualities years ago”
September 16, 2016 20:27
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Piero Ausilio spoke at the official press presentation of Joao Mario as an Inter player.

He firstly spoke on when Inter first “found” the Portuguese midfielder:  “Four years ago, when Inter Primavera played against Sporting Lisbon in the NextGen Series , the Championship for young people. We managed to win that edition and so far the only Italian to do so; he[Joao Mario] played a great match, showing glimpses of his qualities. Time proved him right, and he now a player who has become complete with a European Championship win. We tried even then, it would cost much less but Sporting resisted by understanding what kind of player he was. We had already recognised the potential of the player and we are pleased to have invested in him.”

He then moved to speak on Frank de Boer after suggestions were made that he was under pressure: “I should use strong words, but there are ladies. Let’s say you are stupid. You have to talk little and work hard at every level. They do not go find justifications to why it happened but to solve problems. Yesterday we had a very bad game, but three wins would be enough to qualify for the second phase. We must grow as much as possible because we are back and we have a coach who has just arrived and did not do many training sessions with the group. It is never easy to build something important in such short time. We have to have patience, but in Italy they are always ready to attack the difficult situations Inter get into. We are confident of being able to come out with the right look, on Sunday we have a big occasion.”


By Cammy Anderson


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