Suarez: “Too much has happened in a short space of time”

September 16, 2016 21:20
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Inter great Luis Suarez spoke on the current state of the club in an interview with tuttomercatoweb: “These changes in management and especially the coaching change which occurred near the league commencing has caused an upset. Too many things have happened in a short time. If it had gone smoothly it would be a miracle. Juve? There is a great rivalry. The team can come up with pride and re-launch the for the future, but also must find the right tranquillity to work and not fall behind in the standings. More opportunities for the reserves? Some were up to being first team player some time ago. It is evident that there was a great flop: they have not made a good impression in front of the fans. I want to see who will complain to each other now, after a performance like that.”

Source: tuttomercatoweb

By Cammy Anderson


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