Candreva: “This should be a starting point”

Candreva: “This should be a starting point”
September 18, 2016 21:17
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Antonio Candreva, delighted over the victory against Juventus, spoke with Sky and shared his thoughts about the results:

“Careful Match, perfect. Against Juve you have to play well. The goal of Perisic? I saw Icardi, he had stopped, then came Perisic and head the ball into the net and we made the 2-1. This has to be the starting point, in three days we have another match and until now we’ve approached the matches against the smaller teams in the wrong way. We don’t limit ourselves, at the end of the season the final verdict can be given.”

“The difference between today and Hapoel? It’s a mental issue. I repeat: maybe we should approach the matches against the less famous teams in the same way we did tonight. We have to always play well, with this attention and this humility. From Empoli understand what team we are: as of tomorrow you will think the trip to Tuscany to give continuity.”

Regarding the criticism against De Boer, the ex-Lazio player said: The results don’t help you. But we have always worked hard. It takes time to adapt, coming from a different league, the Italian language is difficult: We take off from here and see how far we get.”

In terms of relationships, what kind do you have on an staff (Suning Group) level? I wasn’t here during the Moratti era but the staff are always close to us like today and like Palermo. Although they are far from us they are always close.”

Source: Sky Sports

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