Icardi to Premium Sport: “We were tired, but we played well.”

Icardi to Premium Sport: “We were tired, but we played well.”
September 21, 2016 23:04
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After the victory against Empoli, Mauro Icardi spoke to Premium Calcio about the game:

Let’s start with Inter as a team instead with you. Is this an Inter with no limits? “We are working well at the moment to achieve our goals. After Sundays game we were tired, but you could see a good squad. Today we kept possession when we needed to and we capitalised on the chances we got.”

The numbers you are showing right now, are they thanks to the contract renewal? “That’s a thing between me and the club and it was settled in August. That’s all I have to say about that. I have always said that I wanted to continue to achieve great things in this jersey, that includes scoring goals.”

Some great players have arrived, is this the best squad you have played in so far? “Inter always has a great squad with great players. The club had an excellent mercato, great players with experience and quality arrived, you can see that on the pitch.”

Have De Boer made a difference? “Last year when we played in Empoli, we didn’t perform well but still  managed to get the result we wanted. Tonight we played a different game. We played well and found continuity. But the next game is already this Sunday.”

Source: Premium Calcio

By Olof Svensson