Inter, thanks to the work of Suning, have reached their first victory against Financial fair play. The first objective, which was -30 million, will not be deducted from the proceeds of the Europa League (7 million would be the amount of the new sanction. Good news for the leadership as in recent months they have worked hard to trim down to the first objective, although the expenditure seems “virtuous”, and they will now have to reach a balanced budget when the year closes on June 30th. It’s complicated, but not impossible because in the 2016-17 accounting books they will also take into account the incoming money of the Europa League (another reason to get as far into the competition as possible…) and especially because the growing revenues are expected to exceed 200 million, and increase of 20 million in respect to 2015-16. The top 10 clubs in Europe are still far, but the road taken is the right one.

Source: Corriere dello Sport