suning 3

Inter’s new owners, Suning, are doing things in style and are working very hard to find deals to sort out Inter’s accounts as soon as possible. In this regard, the search continues for a so called “regional sponsor” or partners who will tie their name to Inter with valid agreements within the national borders. Agreements made on an extra-national or world-wide scale will fall under the sponsorship rules of the contract with Infront, who up to 2018 will provide an annual fee of 18 million.

Inter is considering whether or not to open a few offices in China, just as they have in Jakarta and Washington. It’s a way to have closer contacts with a boundless nation that way the Nanjing group will be able to find short term important revenue. China will become a gold mine for Inter’s commercial activities. In corso Vittorio Emanuele they are already, and not surprisingly, working hard, and now the club owns the image rights to all of its players.

Source: Corriere dello Sport