Press conference with Frank De Boer ahead of tomorrows game against Sparta Prague.

Press conference with Frank De Boer ahead of tomorrows game against Sparta Prague.
September 28, 2016 18:34
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In the championship you haven’t changed that much, as opposed to the Europa League. Is that a risk for the team? “We have to evaluate the physical status of our players. I’m thinking of Santon, who I think isn’t capable of playing three consecutive games. Tomorrow I’ll make some changes, but the team I put on the pitch will of course be a competitive one.”

Are you preoccupied over the fact that only Icardi and Perisic have managed to score? “Absolutely not. Everybody is improving and the goals will start to arrive from the others as well.”

Also this time, Brozovic hasn’t been called up, why is that? “He slowly has to get in form, he’s working with the team. Gradually he will return at our disposition and he will be with the rest of the group. It’s possible he is back against Roma.”

Can the fact that Sparta Prague changed their coach be a problem for you? “I don’t know. I don’t know what kind of dynamics changing their coach will imply. It could be a surprise and mean an advantage for them or for us. Either way I have a lot of confidence in my team.”

How much does this tournament really mean for you? “Of course we want to win this competition.We are talking about a different one than the championship. I have to consider the use of all players in this one. We always want to win that’s for sure. Tomorrow will be the most important game for now, then we’ll start thinking about the game against Roma.”

In terms of qualification, how much does the game tomorrow count – considering the defeat in the first one? “Both teams have zero points, therefore winning will be of most importance. Both for them and for us. We want to advance in this tournament, the game against Sparta Prague will be most important.”

You have had no problem with introducing younger players. After Miangue is it someone else’s turn? “When a player shows quality I’m perfectly fine with giving him the opportunity to play. To give the young players a chance could mean a lot for the club and especially the youth section. For me, what counts is what is shown on a daily basis.”

As a player you faced Sparta Prague in this stadium. Any memories? “Only good memories, we are talking about a beautiful stadium with an atmosphere perfect to play in.”

Due to UEFA regulations, some players aren’t allowed to play in this tournament. Are you disappointed of that? “We have to accept that, but I’m not crying about it. These are the rules and I have a lot of confidence in the players at our disposition for the Europa League.”

By Olof Svensson


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