The race for Serie A has just started, but “mercato” is still on and in the middle of speculation in Italy, as Piero Ausilio last Sunday before facing Roma, spit out his love for Berardi in an interview: “I’m totally in love for Berardi, if we give another try on him, we hope nobody will be offended”.

Afterwards the reply arrived from Sassuolo’s sporing director Carnevali: “The doors are open for everyone”, this seems legit but maybe at the shoulder of the player there’s still Juventus? They will go all-in as well to try to sing Berardi in Summer.

So the story will be repeated on summer 2017, were Inter will try to buy him, and President Squinzi will deny the purchase to Inter, unless Berardi will make it clear he wants to go to the nerazzurri, otherwise he can settle in Sassuolo for a better paid contract, that Squinzi seems ready to offer instead of send him to the nerazzurri.