Ranocchia: “On me Many prejudice”

October 13, 2016 12:23
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Got back to Inter after a 6 months loan to Sampdoria, Andrea Ranocchia is trying to recover the trust of Inter’s fans, but he sees himself in the middle of speculation, “in six years I’ve seen an hundred of players come and go plus three presidents, but this will change”.

The former F.C. Bari 1908 player told his own story, adding that he started to work with some life coach in order to get in shape both mentally and physically: “It’s been three months since I’m attending a specialised center in Milan where they are taking my body and my brain in shape, over there I’m practicing boxing too. During this time I’m even speaking with a mental expert. Speaking with him helped me a lot, to understand that everything in life is mendable, even if something is not, who says that is a bad thing? In life you can be disapproved, offended or humiliated, but if you work very hard, if you feel committed, wearing an heavy shirt millions of people wants to wear (and you are very well paid to do so) and your family is with you: well if you have your mind full of these believes, is easier to turn your pain into power. Nobody forced me to start this path. A person takes decisions when He or She is ready to take them. To me, for example, after what I’ve been suffering all my career, I know what to do to help out and I’m ready to help the team out, I can help out!.”

Ranocchia have been acquired by Inter in the early post triplete-era from Genoa CFC (“In that team, everybody where to the next level, both mentally and technically”), “the frog” took the heritage of Zanetti as a captain and of Materazzi as shirt number, before the club gave the captaincy to Icardi: “There’s not just one reason on way I’ve lost it, there were plenty, but I don’t wanna say it know. Maybe I’ll at the end of my career. Well, let’s add on the list that I was the captain of the team, then I was not. Mancini’s fault? No way. He was great with me, we had a good relation, he even gave me is permission to go to Sampdoria when I needed to acquire more playing time, then He was happy I came back to Inter to stay. His farewell? From the pre-season was clear that something went wrong between him and the management.”

Ranocchia, who still wants to be an International with Italy’s national team (“It’s not an obsession, it’s a chance”) speaks about his new manager: “He has introduced very strict rules for everyone. We, ad example, lunch all together here in Pinetina before the home games. Or, we are having breakfast all together in the morning before the morning’s training. We came back to Pinetina to sleep after an home match all together as a rule. Such small things made a huge impact. The new way of play? It’s more a way to stay on the pitch, we want to be aggressive since the beginning. More then trainings, what does all the difference is how we are improving in individual technique. It’s clear in every training De Boer involves us into.

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