L’Unione Sarda: Moratti ahead of Inter-Cagliari: “We have to be close to De Boer.”

October 14, 2016 13:44
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After the loss against Roma and ahead of the game against Cagliari, ex-president Massimo Moratti had the following to say:

What kind of game can we expect on Sunday? “Inter need some success and we have to be close to De Boer who has arrived in a new environment. Cagliari, despite having a good team, has to be beaten. But by tradition they are always difficult opponents.”

Talking about Inter and Milan, what do you have to say about Giulini (Tommaso, President of Cagliari) talking about business before passion after the arrival of the Chinese? “The Chinese cannot have our passion, something that we get when we are kids. But they respect Inter and Milan and consider them being important clubs. But in this time in soccer there is place for everyone, even presidents that are fans.”

Do you miss experiencing soccer from the front row or is it better to be a regular fan? “I’ve been lucky enough to experience them both. You can’t be intrusive and must let the new owners do their work. Also, I could never work without having the final say…”

You were always a president that fell in love with certain talents like Ronaldo and Recoba. Is there any player today that could win your heart? “In Inter today there is Icardi, a good and generous striker who can win the fan’s hearts. In the world there are always the same players, Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But today no one can win my heart.

Source: L’Unione Sarda

By Olof Svensson