Inter Sporting Director Piero Ausilio to Premium Sport: “I’m furious with the points lost, tomorrow we will evaluate.”

October 16, 2016 18:22
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Don Ausilio

Inter Sporting Director Piero Ausilio spoke with Premium Sport after the loss against Cagliari earlier today:

“We would have wished that today was all about this important game, tomorrow we’ll talk with Icardi. Today we had a particular atmosphere, Inter played really well in the first half, the attitude was great. Inter had other kind of problems. If you put a lot of crosses in the box without scoring you’re in problem, if you miss a penalty you’re in problem. If I’m disappointed with Icardi? I focus on other things, there are things with him and the fans that I don’t appreciate, not without reasons. Tomorrow we’ll talk and make a decision. I’m furious of how we lost this game and how we threw away important points.If the atmosphere for Icardi was difficult? Today the atmosphere didn’t help him. I didn’t see a calm player like he usually is, some situations are hard (penalty) and all together (with the fans) it created a difficult situation for him. I watched some games yesterday and you can’t always dominate a match and expect to win. But we can’t stop playing, after the goal something happened. I’m not looking for alibis, maybe it was fatigue, we have players who played qualifiers this week. A decline in intensity and some fatigue gave Cagliari the chance to come back. Also some luck since both goals were a bit unfortunate. De Boer? We have played eight games so far and we have done good things and there are areas for improvement. It’s a game where you can’t discuss the attitude, I don’t think I saw a “bad” Inter. If we failed, we did so in the second phase and maybe fatigue is to blame.”

Source: Premium Sport

By Olof Svensson


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