Ronald De Boer: “Frank is disappointed”

Ronald De Boer: “Frank is disappointed”
November 2, 2016 00:15
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Frank De Boer is not the head coach of Inter anymore. The Former Ajax man was sacked after just 84 days in charge of the Nerazzurri.  Ronald De Boer,  brother of the Dutchman, expressed himself via the microphones of Sport Bureau: “Of course I am disappointed, as is Frank. He was eager and motivated to stay, unfortunately it was different. I hoped he would be successful in Italy, but in the last week you already knew this would happen.”

Ronald continued: ” We must also look to themselves, Frank could not rearrange things, but you can specify some factors: The team was not ready physically and there were a lot of players. There were seven or eight more players who were supposed to leave, but they took two more including Gabriel Barbosa. Frank had nothing to say about that last signing. Gabriel came as a surprise. In summary, one hopes to focus only on soccer, but then is taken over by indirect factors related to business. We thought that Inter was a nice club, suitable to Frank, but it was an error of judgment.”

The twin of the former Inter coach ended: “He does not need a break to recharge, but for now he is not thinking about anything. I am optimistic. It was an unpleasant experience but instructive. Then they say improvement comes after defeats. You need to be flexible when you go to work in other clubs.”

Source: Sport Bureau

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