The players: “For me the situation is a bit special, because I know the first team since we practice on adjacent fields. My staff has good knowledge about the first team since every now and then we train some guy from the first team. To prepare for a match like this under conditions like this has put a lot of pressure on us. I haven’t been able to call home yet.”

Goodbye De Boer: “I feel for sorry for De Boer. Our relationship was really good, unfortunately these things happen in football. I would like to thank Suning, President Thohir and Ausilio for this opportunity they have offered me.”

Future coach of Inter: “We have to live in the present, which right now is the game against Southampton. We have to be really prepared, this game can decide our future path.”

Formation: “I will prepare the team for this game as good as I can relying on players that have the strength to help the team get out of this difficult period. I will try to play safely in order to make things easy, having three or four concepts that the players can take with them.”

Pre-match tension: “Having so little time to prepare for this game I haven’t slept as much as I usually do. Those hours I’ve spent trying to pick up some tactical aspects of Southampton. But when I sleep, I sleep well (laughing).”

Tactical settings: “We will also try to play our game, if we are forced to defend we will defend to 110%.”

About the players: “The players have great qualities, now they have to find their own resources in order to prove themselves.”

Mourning in the house of Thohir: “The president gets condolences from everybody, we will play with black armbands.”