Mauro Icardi spoke to Sky after the Southampton match, still bitter about how Inter lost another match: “There is little to say, it is a time when everything is going badly, there is little to comment unfortunately. We did all right in the first half, we played well, then I do not know why every time we concede goals the world comes down and eventually Yuto unfortunately scored the own goal. If we knew how to find ourselves, we would do it right away because we need radical change on the part of everyone, we go on the field to do well and then all these unlucky episodes happen. Qualifying to the next stage? As long as the math does not condemn us we play. De Boer? In football  the coach always pays because you can not change 25 players, the failure of De Boer is also ours, if a coach goes away is because the team has not performed. Now we work with Vecchi and see what happens. ”

Source: Sky Sport