Stefano Vecchi is disappointed at the ill-fated defeat talking to Sky in the post-match: “Today the team did a good performance from the discipline point of view and the spirit against a physical team with good passing skills. We gave them a hard time but while in the first half we did well to counter-attack, in the second half we lost decisive balls. We should try to keep the ball in the attacking half or you’re always under pressure and you spend so much energy. We have given so much in the physical aspect , we have to put more quality. Banega has great personality and quality, today for large stretches of the race he showed it. He dipped at the end, I kept still him on the field for his ability to pass, when we found him between the lines we created something important. Like everyone else he has to try to grow but he gave his all like the others.”

“I have not had much time to work in terms of tactics and mentality, there will be little time even for Sunday. From the psychological point of view we tried to play with courage and we saw how the boys took to the field. Unfortunately we dipped a bit in the second half also losing quality of play that the team should have as well. We lost the second half because they pressed a lot, while in the first half we were able to start well. ”

“This team is full of quality, now you just have to be able to convey a bit of confidence otherwise even the smallest error condemns you like today. We have to get out of this negative patch and work together to better manage the matches. A book to work on the players heads? The Manual of Coelho given to the boys of the youth team could still be useful, you do not need a miracle but only to take the right road and nothing is impossible. Probably the qualification to the next round is compromised but in football anything can happen, as in the league.”

Source: Sky Sport