One of the darkest weeks in Inter’s 108 year old history comes to an end after caretaker coach Stefano Vecchi leads the Nerazzurri to a 3-0 win against Crotone. Vecchi now returns to coaching the Primavera as Stefano Pioli gets ready to take over and salvage something from this season.

The changes don’t end there, as Inter confirmed that they will also be making changes in the club’s management structure too signalling an end for Michael Bolingbroke’s tebure as the club’s CEO. This in turn signals the beginning of the end for Erick Thohir’s tenure at the club as Suning have in less than 1 week sacked his preferred coach and his handpicked CEO. Anyone care to bet against that in June of 2017 Thohir will sell the remaining 30% of his ownership at the club?

What we witnessed tonight at the San Siro was a microcosm of where Inter are today: a completely new team, with a brand new ownership looking to find it’s identity under yet another new coach to embark on yet another new project. But before Pioli could take over Stefano Vecchi had to lead the team to three points to create some stability and tranquility. Which is precisely how Vecchi approached the match as he wisely decided to build from the back as the team’s confidence is anything but at its’ highest peak. This in turn allowed the team to build up their confidence and grow into the match, which from a psychological point of view, was the correct approach given where Inter are.

The more the team grew, the more chances they created and in the end  the team’s captain led the way. First via a fantastic turnaround assist for Ivan Perisic for the opening goal before winning and converting a penalty and getting on a great cross from Eder to make it 3-0 and 3 points for Inter. Hardly the best performance of the season but it was the first time this season Inter scored 3 goals in one match as well as also managing to keep a clean sheet at home, very important feats, mentally, going forward.

So now what? An international break during which the Pioli era begins as he prepares to face off against Milan in the Derby della Madonnina when making his debut as an Inter coach. Aside from being a very important match in and of itself, the Rossoneri currently lay in 3rd place 8 points clear  of Inter, should the Nerazzurri lose then it’s bye bye Champions League but should Pioli win he’d reduce it to 5 points and give his team the mental boost they so desparately need. That could very well happen, and given Icardi’s form maybe it could happen with him scoring his first goal against Milan. Either way, Inter need stability, security and tranquility. The win will give them just this during the international break but after that it’s again, time to step up to the plate.