First victory for Stefano Vecchi in his second match on the Inter bench, destined to pass the hot seat into the hands of Stefano Pioli. “For me and my staff the aim was to try to do well in these two games. We did it and we are flattered by the call of a club like Inter in such a difficult time. We brought enthusiasm, and we almost achieved an important result in England. Today, there was a clear territorial dominance and at the end we managed to win it. The future? I should go back to the Primavera team, while the club will make the best and most appropriate choices. They have not yet told me anything, but 99.9% someone will be brought in. At Southampton we were expecting a lot of suffering and the things that we studied for that match we brought today. I found responsible guys who listened to us and together we tried to do the best that we could, creating a compact and solid team who could sacrifice, confident that with the quality we have we will create something. Today’s victory came at the end, there was a bit of suffering, but the result is big and well deserved.”

Source: Premium Sport