Stefano Vecchi was a guest on Inter Channel where he spoke about the Primavera’s defeat against Roma in the first leg of the Coppa Italia Semifinal.

“Roma were really up for it on Saturday, whereas we produced our worst performance in the three games we’ve played them this term. We got our approach and our mindset all wrong, you can’t play like that against a strong side. We didn’t make mistakes because we were afraid but because we tried to be too clever. We’d been enjoying a great run of form recently so perhaps we thought it would be easy.”

“Genoa have shown they’re a great team and they’re having an excellent season. We knew from the start of the season that they’d be a tough side to face. Hopefully we’ll have learnt something from losing to Roma. We want to get ourselves straight back on track in the league. We’re going to have to be at our best if we want to maintain top spot, because our rivals have got easier fixtures.”

“We’re in a tough group with lots of strong sides, it’s a good thing because it helps our youngsters improve but it also means we’ll have to pull out all the stops if we want to finish in the top two” Stefano Vecchi concluded.

Inter’s Under-19s host Roma’s counterparts at the Suning Development Centre in honour of Giacinto Facchetti on Wednesday 25 January for the return leg of the Coppa Italia semifinal.