Gigi Simoni is a name that always makes noise behind the challenge between Inter and Juventus. What happened in 1998 between the two teams, following the clash in the area between Mark Iuliano and Ronaldo, is still under discussion between Inter and Juventus fans to this day. interviewed the former coach, who won the Uefa Cup in 1998 with Inter.

“Inter have rediscovered themselves after a series of positive results. Pioli has adapted very well, I watched every game and is entirely different team than at the beginning of the season. Juventus remains a cut above, but that the Inter It makes life difficult.”

Simoni believes that the days of Frank de Boer are a “distant memory”, but insists Juventus are still ahead.

“Inter has changed their spirit. I repeat that I watched every game, and I can say that the team now has an identity, the right way to manage themselves. De Boer is a distant memory. The Nerazzurri players have nothing to envy of Roma and Napoli; Juventus is a cut above, but in the last games I saw a team that is convincing not always the player who is stronger, but who has the best approach, and the ‘ Inter can do it right now. ”

A prediction for the game?

“Logic would say that Juventus is superior, but also as an Interista and at this moment Inter is competitive as the Bianconeri. I support Inter, and I hope for Juve is not easy.”

Simoni had some comments on the Inter midfield: “I really like Joao Mario, as well as Brozovic, which is a guarantee of performance.

“Together with them would put Gagliardini, which is perfect for characteristics in the team Pioli is determined and has good technique, as well as a good athletic condition. A midfield Inter is a great team. ”

Do you ever, at night, dreaming of the incident between Iuliano and Ronaldo?

“(Laughs) Sure! Also because the people remind me, who are fans of Inter or Juventus. That penalty, again, claiming justice. If after all these years he still speaks, it means that that day something happened. Luckily then we won the Uefa Cup, but that’s a story that could have changed history. “