Stefani Pioli: “We should have had 2 penalties tonight”

Stefani Pioli: “We should have had 2 penalties tonight”
February 6, 2017 00:03
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After the loss against Juventus, Stefano Pioli had this to say to Premium Sport: “The goal now? We were not in the situation we prepared for and we still had a lot to explore. Then I got angry because there were also decisions in Juventus penalty area where we were penalized which were very evident, I’m sorry becuase of the way the different decisions are made. The episodes make the difference, we had created them but they were poorly judged. There were two penalties for us, Chiellini‘s challenge on Icardi and one where Mandzukic went into the penalty area with the penalty area official standing right there. We created chances but the decisions did not go in our favour. I believe the images are clear, Mandzukic intervenes and it’s a penalty. We have paid for an error with a high price. We had a good performance against the strongest team. We are getting there. We are a team. The disappointment is there for our mistake and the mistakes of others.”

Commenting on the incriminating episodes during the match Pioli stated: “Icardi took his time for me, football is beautiful for this reason…Chiellini lost his man and raised his elbow to stop Icardi, i can say this because I used to be a defender. Mandzukic foul? The ball remains there and Mandzukic does not touch it? Okay … I don’t know whether you’re a better commentator or referee. For me it’s a clear penalty. Icardi’s run is stopped. There are situations that must be interpreted differently. We lost due to our mistake, but we played as a team. I’m sorry about this setback, but we have to start again.” He then goes back to talking about the match, “Beautiful match between two teams who played to win. Too bad we were careless, then a goal for Juventus when they are so attentive and physical. We had to take more concrete decisions, and we did not succeed.” Why Kondogbia and not Banega? “Because we needed balance and Brozovic had taken a ramming, he was nervous. The positions in the field were guaranteeing us a certain supremacy.”



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