Percassi: “Gagliardini will be the best Italian midfielder for the next decade”

February 8, 2017 14:18
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Atalanta owner Antonio Percassi spoke with Gazzetta dello Sport on Atalanta’s season and Roberto Gagliardini amongst other topics:

“At night I wake up suddenly, pinch myself and then I ask myself: “Is this all real?” I see the enthusiasm of the fans, and I realise that we are doing something amazing. The Caldara operation was convenient for everyone: he will be year with us for another year , he will mature and will be ready for Juve. He’s already shown himself as physically ready against the likes of Borriello and Belotti. As for Gagliardini, I think it was right: it was a sum that a club such as Atalanta can’t say no and Inter took the best Italian midfielder of the next ten years. Moreover, the Gagliardini deal, closed by Luca with Steven Zhang, will create a  partnership outside of footballing matters in China with Suning. Berlusconi asked me to hold on to Caldara and Gagliardini for him but then, however, he realised that he could not close the transaction and backed out.”


By Cammy Anderson


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