New stadium? City of Milan: “Suning want to invest in San Siro”

New stadium? City of Milan: “Suning want to invest in San Siro”
March 16, 2017 22:40
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There are two possible routes for Inter: either improve on the Meazza stadium or building a new stadium. The Nerazzurri management know they can not further delay a pivotal decision for the future of the club. Unfortunately, when talking about the ‘Scala del Calcio’, one can not disregard the views of the City of Milan and AC Milan. What is happening at the Rossoneri, the difficulties in closing the transaction between SES and Fininvest, creates collateral problems.

According to a statement by Beppe Sala, the mayor of Milan : “In every conversation I had in the past months with their representatives, never they have manifested to us the intention of creating a new stadium. What we have discussed is the idea to invest in the restructuring of the Meazza. They’re just waiting for the Milan ownership situation to resolve, then we’ll see.”

It should be noted that 24 hours before Sala’s declarations, even Javier Zanetti has admitted (during a meeting at the State University) that the aim remains the same as last October. Therefore the idea of leaving San Siro and finding accommodation elsewhere is not really considered at the moment, however it does depend on the presence of AC Milan in the discussions.

A Suning push towards the refurbishing the stadium is the presence of the one-year project conceived and a year and a half ago, under the management of Thohir, and left in a drawer after the Rossoneri announced plans for a stadium in the Portello area. The Chinese would not want to waste months of work, but not even wait forever for AC Milan to sort out their situation.


By Rahul Sharma


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