Serena: “Icardi and Belotti are both great but couldn’t play together”

Serena: “Icardi and Belotti are both great but couldn’t play together”
March 17, 2017 19:30
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Former Inter and Torino forward Aldo Serena weighed in on the Icardi-Belotti debate in an interview with Tuttosport, answering a number of questions on each:

What is more surprising, the fact Belotti has 22 goals or the fact that Icardi has only scored 20?

“Belotti is undoubtedly the surprise. He has grown exponentially after starting so well last year at Torino. As time went on he found belief, more confidence in himself, more composed in front of goals whereas before he was too hectic. When you are young you sometimes face obstacles, but Belotti found the right environment.”

8 of Belotti’s goals have been headers despite him not being all that tall…

It’s true, but he has a great sense of positioning, he always knows how to get away from an opponent when marked. The main rule to scoring with your head is not staying still but to use the natural ability you have to move in the air.”

Icardi also scores often from headers…

“Yes, although he’s still not good with movement in the final third. He must improve this aspect, but he compensates this with a crazy power in his legs, so much so that he often jumps pushing off with both feet.”

Otherwise, where can Icardi improve?

“In a few things. He, like Belotti, has had a remarkable growth. First he lived for the goal, and was not a starter in a team, since he’s been made captain and especially this season, he has been made responsible, he has become a reference, a team player.”

Could they one day play together?

“As a former centre forward who struggled playing with similar strikers, I would say no. They do not have the same characteristics, but they occupy the same space and make the most of two wingers or a complementary partner.”





By Cammy Anderson


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