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Antonio Percassi, the president of Atalanta and the CEO of the Percassi group was invited to Nanjing with Inter’s Steven Zhang to explore Suning and talk about a possible collaboration between the two groups. Speaking from China Percassi said: “I am impressed by the Suning store, in Europe there are no store concepts like this. They are put on display many new things and so many new technologies, I’m really impressed. At the beginning there were many doubts about their takeover, because Italy did not understand China and the Suning Group did not understand. But through talks and site visits, they have become increasingly aware of their strengths and we understand that it is a great opportunity for everyone. Chinese owners have the strength to enter the Italian football and make a big impact. Suning has devoted a lot of work for the team; their financial support and their professional operation guarantee a future without limits Inter. Their future impact in the Italian sports will be very large.”