Ausilio to IC: “We were presumptuous, arrogant and superficial!”

April 9, 2017 18:27
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Piero Ausilio did not hold back when speaking after the loss against Crotone INTER Channel:

“When you have an attitude like ours in the first half, it is impossible to win any game. We were presumptuous, arrogant and superficial, we went on the field and did not work hard. After 20 minutes we were behind and although the second half was different, it was not enough. We played against a Crotone that gives it all in order to prevent relegation, we tend to set the mood of the matches, today we did not.”

“What has changed? I do not know, we have to work and figure out where there needs to be change. What happened leaves me astonished because I know the quality of these players and I can not understand how you can give a performance of this kind. Today was unacceptable. Ironically the derby is very important right now, the attention and intensity is much higher now, this week the focus should be higher. It has worked well in recent months. We paid a lot after this defeat which has condemned us to the Europa League, which is a must for us to reach.”

Source: INTER Channel

By Editorial Staff


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