Ausilio: “Wrong attitude, we are angry. We plan the future with Pioli”

April 9, 2017 19:22
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“A serious club does not change their program or strategy because we lost a game. Players must, however, take responsibility and we have to analyze the attitude that was wrong. Today in Serie A you can not win without being determined and attentive. If you start playing after 20 minutes as we did you struggle in any field. We not need statements, we should show by actions. We are planning the future with Pioli. It’s annoying when people question the coach’s position, this week has been difficult because we lost playing badly against Sampdoria and Crotone, but we have heard of same things in the five and a half months in which he has worked well. The week has made us angry. We now have a big game on hand to demonstrate that we are the ones of the past five months and not this week. ”

The analysis of Inter’s sporting director goes beyond the race lost at the Scida stadium: “We must go beyond the game. If you talk to an Inter side that has nothing to envy to those in front, it is true because the quality is out of the question. I would not change my players with those of many other teams, but there is a mental fragility which makes us miss something especially in the head. We have to grow from this point of view. The values can be improved through experiences like these, but you have to put a little more effort. ”

And again: “If I have to analyze today’s race I have very few things positive to pull out. As a director however I have to instead analyze the long term, about the five months of Pioli. There are values, players who have won titles and they are many. Until two weeks ago I do not remember criticisms like today, there was talk of a growing team and playing good football. I take the criticism but we must contextualize this week. Now we have to be good get the players ready for the derby, which can give us a big boost. ”

Source: Sky Sports

By Rahul Sharma