The Gazzetta dello Sport also confirms the relationship between Gabriel Barbosa and Rafaella, Neymar’s sister. “Gabigol and Rafaella were both born in 1996 and have been sharing this love story for a long time. She is not only the sister of Barça’s number 11 but is also a model. She changed her original name, Da Silva Santos, to Beckran for her passion for David Beckham. Rafaella and Gabigol have grown together and have different friendships in common. They find themselves in the same group Of WhatsApp, named ‘Toiss’ which means ‘lads’ in their slang, They try to meet often, not necessarily in Barcelona, recently, in fact, they met in Paris. The relationship between Rafaella and Neymar, among other things, is solid coincidentally the blaugrana always finds a way to skip the game that precedes her birthday.

Source: Gazzetta