Vecchi: “I am very happy with my side”

Vecchi: “I am very happy with my side”
June 12, 2017 13:00
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Stefano Vecchi has spoken to TMW Radio on his Primavera side who were crowned Champions yesterday: “I do not know if we are the strongest ever, but for sure we are the ones who showed more desire and determination to achieve this objective. We were always in the race, eliminating major teams. I am very happy. I think Inter Primavera has nothing to envy about the teams of Serie B. I am happy to have renewed my contract and to continue on this bench, also in view of the Youth League. It was not easy to win this competition, however, the tension will help shape our young players for the future. Future? If I was to get an offer to be assistant manager somewhere? Certainly not next year. There are new challenges to be faced on this bench.”


By Cammy Anderson