Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 Season: Overall Impression Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 Season: Overall Impression
June 15, 2017 10:00
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Season Review

As Inter’s dreadful season has finally come to an end, the staff take a look at the year that was just concluded. Starting today and then once per day for the next 4 days Inter’s season will be analyzed from different perspectives. Below the overall impression of the season is given.

Jordan Russell: We’re facing year zero yet again, which is quite a farcical situation. De Boer’s appointment was a shambles.

Tin Milekic: The writing was on the wall even before preseason with early signs of things falling apart behind the scenes (Mancini renewal and Mercato disagreements) with 4 different directorial currents torn our prospects to bits, culminating with Mancini leaving so late. An utter amateur hour in my book, that I haven’t forgiven as it was always to end in a disaster of a season, and seeing quite a few of those in recent years, the sentiment over this season barely could be any worse. Embarrassing 14 defeats are a testament to that.

Shibaprasad Bhattacharya: Disastrous. Expected much much more from the players. After spending more than 100m€, this finishing is horrible. Management as usual continued to act in a gibberish way. Mancini’s departure could have been avoided and probably we would have been a much better force by that.

Cammy Anderson: A season, like so many others that promised to be different but ended up being another season to forget. The manager merry go round was an embarrassment.

Giovanni Trombetta: In short, we’ve seen some promising performances, however, we still lack the mental and physical depth to be consistent for 38 weeks.

Samer Alfahad: The season started off with a lot of hope and suddenly Inter disappointed the fans and the world once again. It could have gone much better if the management had done their jobs properly and avoid all complications. Furthermore, sacking De Boer and Pioli displayed Inter’s lack of judgement and common sense.

Suneet Bajaj: Chaos. We gave ourselves no chance with Mancini’s sacking. Had Pioli been there from the start, he would have been out by February. The incompetence from the top has come out to the fore. There is talent but there is a lack of unity and purpose, again we need men around the team. Ausilio isn’t that guy. He might be good with transfers but not a team builder, has no prior experience of it. We need a complete team and also need our technical management (Ausilio) to step up or step out if we want to achieve Suning’s lofty targets

Jack Portley: A pretty disastrous season in the end considering where we finished in the table compared to where we were a couple of months earlier

Rahul Sharma: Very interesting beginning to the season with De Boer. Curious appointment, it was clear he was gonna struggle with only 2 weeks to work with the squad, and the result against Chievo did not surprise me one bit
Pioli gave a much needed psychological lift and the team seemed to improve physically as well, enough to sell us fake dreams of a top 3 finish. The dip in April and May is inexcusable from a squad that should be at least top 5 by quality of players and is top 3 for wages paid.

Nima Tavallaey: On the pitch it’s been nothing but an unmitigated disaster. Expected too due to the senseless hiring of Frank De Boer 2 weeks before start of the season. So season ended before it even started which is a new record even for Inter. However, off the pitch it’s looking really good in terms of the clubs finances as well as the hiring of Walter Sabatini and likely appointment of Gabriele Oriali. Remember Suning have only been in charge for 11 months, next season is when a fair judgement regarding their management of the club can be made.

Mario Gagliano: We suck again! I expected nothing more from the season to be honest. From the moment we sacked Mancini we were destined to fail. The timing and choice of De Boer was terrible. We have a player who doesn’t deserve to be captain or wear the shirt, a management that doesn’t know how to properly run a club, and players who don’t seem to want to play. The talent is there but the mentality isn’t. Our little run of form was great, but it means nothing now that we’ve failed out of everything this season. Our attack was the problem. We scored goals, but for the most part we were ineffective and it forced an unnecessary amount of pressure on our defense through counters and inability to retain possession and kill off games we were leading in. We played better without Icardi on the field.

Oliver Fisher: Inter once again were plagued by problems off the field, something which you would think that Suning would view as a worst-case scenario. Finishing below the likes of Atalanta, Lazio and Milan is a testament to the chaos that Nerazzurri fans had to witness this season.

Olof Svensson: Inter shot down this season when they fired Mancini close to Opening Day and thought it was a good idea to bring in Frank De Boer who didn’t even know a word of Italian.

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By Mario Gagliano


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