Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 season: Worst Signing Reviews Inter’s 2016/2017 season: Worst Signing
June 17, 2017 10:00
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Season Review

As Inter’s dreadful season has finally come to an end, the staff take a look at the year that was just concluded. Two days ago the overall impression of the season was detailed, yesterday the worst overall Inter player of the season was appointed whilst today the worst summer signing is discussed.

Jordan Russell: Take your pick from either Ansaldi or Candreva.

Tin Milekic: Gabigol unfortunately, wasting such money on a player that barely played when there are gaping holes elsewhere in the squad is beyond stupid and perfectly depicts how clueless, directionless and acting on a whim the club’s management is.

Shibaprasad Bhattacharya: Cristian Ansaldi.

Cammy Anderson: Caner Erkin. Very few words on him. Arrived to solve the full back woes but was shipped out on loan without even playing a single match.

Giovanni Trombetta: Cristian Ansaldi

Samer Alfahad: Trent Sainsbury.

Suneet Bajaj: Cristian Ansaldi. Didnt contribute enough while defending or attacking. Fitness is patchy, played 4 months with Perisic still cant work out what moves he will make. Plus with his age, no resale value. Wasted money and Laxalt.

Jack Portley: Gabigol. Big fee and not much came out of it.

Rahul Sharma: Gabigol, bit not his fault though.

Nima Tavallaey: It’s a draw between Ansaldi and Gabigol. Both have been complete and utter flops.

Mario Gagliano: De Boer. The club should have never sacked Mancini and we paid a tremendous price for it. He may have “failed” the season before but, Mancini was our best option come August and now we aren’t even playing in Europa league.

Oliver Fisher: Worst signing is difficult to pick, but perhaps in terms of how the whole situation has been handled, Gabigol is a shout.

Olof Svensson: Gabriel “Gabigol” Barbosa.

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By Mario Gagliano


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