“VAR is the protagonist and decisive on the penalty given to Inter: after minute 22′ – Gazzetta dello Sport writes – a beautifully orchestrated and swift exchange of the ball between Icardi and Joao Mario, who was ultimately fouled by Vicari. Gavillucci blows his whistle to halt play and points to the initially perceived spot of the foul, just outside of the penalty area without consideration for a potential goal scoring opportunity before the players persuade him to double check.”

“Then he waits for confirmation from VAR to determine the result of the foul, it is at this point that a flaw of VAR is shown: several minutes pass before it settles the dilemma while the TV broadcast has already shown a replay three times and the debate has been settled, clear penalty. Not only that but Gavillucci felt the need to watch it back himself, resulting in a penalty and a yellow card for Vicari (and thus the replay evaluates the action as a clear goal scoring opportunity).

Following this there are further debatable decisions made by Gavillucci to not give certain punishments for fouls to Schiattarella (mild contact with Dalbert) which was justified in the end. But there were also some more doubts about the pushing to Mora after a corner in the Nerazzurri area. The same Mora risked a second yellow card on Joao Mario.”