Inter captain Mauro Icardi has decided to dye his hair platinum blond. Shortly after many people began to mock or compliment  the 24 year old  for his new choice of hairstyle in theme with his wife Wanda.

Although La Gazzetta dello Sport recalls the many other times players have chosen to go platinum blond. “Remember Neymar? Also from Serie A, Andrea Conti, now at A.C. Milan who rejoiced in Atalanta’s Europa League qualification by dying his hair in same colour while still celebrating in Bergamo. Furthermore the goalkeeper Alex Cordaz from Crotone did it recently, perhaps inspired by famous counterpart Santiago Canizares.”

Whether or not the fans approve or dislike Icardi’s new hair is up to them, as long as he keeps scoring goals for the club and hopefully now more frequently his country of origin (Argentina) and is happy within himself then there’s not much reason for anyone to mock him.