“We have only had three  games to make our judgements. Juve is always there, Napoli continue to improve with Sarri each year and then there is Inter who is now under Spalletti who can almost fight with the Bianconeri who have a very competitive squad with the usual solidity, the Old Lady base their strength on memory, while the Nerazzurri now have a technician who can reach the potential of the whole squad and each player individually. A bit behind are the two Romans who, with some luck, can fit into the fight.” This is the very clear thought of Francesco Guidolin on the starting grid of the new Serie A table.

And Milan?

“Montella has to assemble a whole team, this is not easy, but with the market that the club has done, it is possible.” Bonucci was a great buy and now the Rossoneri can play three in defence. “Leonardo reminds me of Pirlo as he can start the attack, Andrea was inimitable when moving in the midfield as a director of play.”

What do you need for the Championship?

I hope you find it entertaining, because for me to get results without playing well is impossible. I do not think you can be in the hunt for the title by playing ugly, if you look at the story of last year, when in January we will see if everything is working, the teams need to be well equipped. For example, SPAL has a good design, a well-established game, a great team and has made many good moves on the market.”

Is there much distance between our Football and the English?

“Unfortunately, yes, first of all, the mentality: the game is not between enemies but among opponents and the then match is celebrated almost festively, it’s fun, another point is that the facilities are at the forefront of this superior vision and the technical difference in the entertainment between the Premier League and our Championship is the rhythm of the game, but it is not true that there is always good quality of play, there are still some matches that are poor, the stadiums are also better, furthermore we are still unable to compete with financial strength on the British top clubs, although I believe that, given the enormous availability of money from some clubs through their owners, we should impose a ceiling on transfer market expenditures.”