Inter’s Sporting Director Piero Ausilio spoke with Premium Sport moments before kick-off between the Nerazzurri and Bologna at the Stadio Renato Dall’Ara in tonight’s only Serie A fixture.

“Icardi has copied my hairstyle, he told me he wants to imitate Ausilio [smiles]. Tonight is a great occasion to give continuity to the work we have done. The team is doing well and working ina serious way during the week, and so as a consequence we have the results we have. The lads are working in the way that Luciano Spalletti has asked them to do, we have to improve and not become content.”

Ausilio was then asked about how the club managed to convince Perisic to stay: “He already had a contract, we never declined any offer from Manchester United but instead we worked to convince him to stay and that our project could be as winning as the one with Manchester. He never felt far removed from us, and the renewal is a consequence of this. He didn’t ask for a minimum release fee clause, and so we are happy.”

“We believe a lot in Vanheusden, he has a lot of quality, he’s very talented and a very serious lad. He has a great will to work hard and to improve. Spalletti wanted him in the first team and if there is a possibility to see him on the pitch he will be able to show off his quality.”

Ausilio was then asked about Milan Skriniar’s recent performances stating: “We really wanted Skriniar, we asked about his morale and we were reassured. We made this investment knowing that we would be bringing in a starting player at Inter, some people laughed but what happens on the pitch is what shows if you’re right or not. Joao Mario? He arrived last year during a very difficult time, now he is working with Spalletti in this role and the results are coming.”

Ausilio was asked about how close Inter were to signing Pellegri stating that: “He is a great player but I also so Odgaard’s goals and every day I see Pinamonti. There is a very important job being done at Inter, we also have Vergani who is the same age as Pellegri.”

In conclusion Ausilio was asked about when Karamoh will make his debut for the Nerazzurri: “He is working, he is available, his chances will come. Inter have 20 players of which 3 are very young. Him, Vanheusden and Pinamonti. I think they will all be useful for the cause, hopefully very soon.”