Paolo Condo – “Spalletti Has Instilled Pride & Honour At Inter”

Paolo Condo – “Spalletti Has Instilled Pride & Honour At Inter”
November 2, 2017 09:30
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Italian sports journalist & Sky Italia pundit, Paolo Condo was interviewed by outlet Numero-Diez and had good things to say about Luciano Spalletti & his impact at Inter so far this season.

“You can’t change the mentality of a team if you haven’t got assurances about the team yourself, his assurances come from a clear & precise idea of play. With Inter not having to play in European competition this season, he can afford to play with a settled team & formation which is well defined.”

Condo heaped praise on the former Roma coach arguing that “when a team is playing well there is a virtual circle where one thing feeds the other. Spalletti’s impact on the world of Inter has been excellent & has been helped by Inters’ poor season last year, which has served as a stimulus for the players to do better for their new manager, a manager who can enforce his ideas and knew how to instill some pride & honour back into the dressing room. This has been the base from which this new Inter of Spalletti has been born and with that a sense of pride and redemption.”

By Claudio Cauteruccio