Terzo Tempo – A Game Of No Bite

Terzo Tempo – A Game Of No Bite
December 10, 2017 11:30
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Last night Inter played Juventus in Turin in a very tricky fixture because it would have grown Inter’s lead and secured first place for another week. Inter should have stuck with their original starting eleven which involved Gagliardini from the get go. Brozovic seemed to have been shut down offensively from the first minute and was very poor with regards to passing precision.

The problem with this game was that they didn’t generate enough in the final third. In the first half the possession game looked fantastic even though they were out shot very heavily. The main problem came from not being able to close the outside of the field quick enough which allowed Cuadrado and Asamoah to be able to deliver many scary chances to Manduzkic’s head. To add even more to our issue, D’Ambrosio and Santon weren’t even close to being able to Juve’s wingers down fast enough which, if converted, could have made a huge impact on this game. The re-introduction of Dalbert on the left was really something to notice because he once he came on he was able to shut down Cuadrado much quicker than Santon was but regardless, the left side was still able to generate chances for them.

Another huge problem was that our front three looked very poor. Candreva was struggling very severely and Perisic’s touches were incredibly heavy. The fact that both wingers were really off their game logically means that the supply to poacher Mauro Icardi would be cut off which means that the lack of goals were inevitable. The lack of distribution was the main problem in this game because besides that the midfield did a fantastic job in controlling Juve’s dominant players.

The midfield did a great job defensively especially when it came to shutting down those Matuidi off the ball runs and the Pjanic distribution. Valero, Vecino and Brozovic did very well for themselves in regards to tracking back and really staying behind the ball which is very clearly what Spalletti wanted. Spalletti went in with that mentality of picking up the point and the purpose of Brozovic was to test the keeper from distance which didn’t really work out.

In conclusion, Inter played very solidly defensively with the exception of a few slip ups in regards to both wing backs. All though one thing to notice is that Juve didn’t seem to want to bite on the three points either by not starting Dybala or not slotting in Costa. During the game it was made clear that Spalletti did what he came out to do and that was pick up the point away from home and end Juve’s streak of scoring in 44 consecutive home games. All in all it was a game of no bite on either side.

By Andrew Di Franco


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