Andre Villas Boas: “Wonderful Memories From My Time At Inter”

Andre Villas Boas: “Wonderful Memories From My Time At Inter”
December 18, 2017 05:30
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Many Inter fans may not know this, but Andre Villas Boas was part of Inter’s backroom staff, under José Mourinho’s management. In an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport, Andre Villas Boas spoke about his current activities, his relationship with Mourinho and the memories at Inter: “I will be taking part in the Dakar Rally 2018. This is the most important race for those people who love off roading, a concentrate of adventure, challenge, physical and mental stress, the goal is to finish it, and in October I saw that there was this opportunity.”

Do you still keep in contact with Mourinho?

“I have learned so much from him and I will be grateful to him for a lifetime. He knows this. It is normal that at some point people’s paths split.”

Any opportunities on the horizon?

“I’m in contact with some European clubs, but I’m not in a hurry, I see opportunities in Brazil and Japan too.”

What about Italy?

“It’s hard to imagine a World without you guys, it’s a pity. Of course when there are mistakes, everyone’s eyes are on the coach. At the beginning everyone agreed that Ventura was the right choice, now everyone agrees to condemn him.”

Memories of Milano and Inter?

“Wonderful memories, the championship was competitive and I learned a lot as a tactician, I am still in touch with some members of the club.”

How do you see today’s Inter?

“Spalletti has brought important changes: internal problems seem to be resolved and there is a harmony that has not been seen for years, it is time to exploit this balance.”

By Rahul Sharma


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