Fabio Capello Believes Zhang Can Make Inter Great Again

Fabio Capello Believes Zhang Can Make Inter Great Again
December 23, 2017 02:30
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Former England and AC Milan manager, Fabio Capello believes that the Chinese owner of Inter can propel the club back into the hierarchy of Italian and European football.

In an interview with Italian newspaper La Repubblica the current Jiangsu Suning manager drew comparisons to his first Milan team under the ownership of Silvio Berlusconi & Inter’s current owner Zhang Jingdong: “Berlusconi was more of a dreamer and a romantic. Zhang is more concrete in his ideas and beliefs. He can also be very hard too. He is the type of person that is not afraid to criticise if he feels the need to do so. He likes to hammer home his ideas to you but always in a constructive way. When you come out of a meeting with him you feel enriched because you have understood the lesson he has tried to teach you. Even if he has given you a serious talking to.”

Inevitably he was asked to share his thoughts on Inter seeming Jiangsu and Inter both fall under the Suning umbrella. He went on to say that he believes “Zhang Jingdong can make Inter great again. Zhang has magnificent intentions,  he’s the type of person who wants to dominate a real leader. Being here has provided me with the opportunity to meet him on many occasions but we have never spoken about Inter.”

By Claudio Cauteruccio