Interviewed by Italpress, Rocio Rodriguez, wife of Borja Valero, discussed the emotions felt by her husband on the evening of his return as an opponent in Florence: “Borja is a professional, I think he has always shown it. He gave everything for Inter yesterday, and when the referee whistled the end of the match, he went to greet the fans, he told me it was exciting for him. We received hundreds of welcome back to the city messages from the fans and this really fills our hearts because we love this city and it was great to receive all of this. The masks with the face of Borja were worn last night by our friends and some Fiorentina fans, and I found this beautiful.”

Rocio also talks about the feelings of their children, Alvaro and Lucia: “My daughter sometimes sang the anthem of Fiorentina and sometimes the anthem of Inter because she always says that Inter is a good team but she likes Fiorentina more as she was born her. Alvaro is the same as her, for them coming back to Florence is always beautiful.”