Simone Verdi’s Agent: “Inter Are Not Behind His Napoli Rejection”

Simone Verdi’s Agent: “Inter Are Not Behind His Napoli Rejection”
January 17, 2018 05:30
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One of Inter’s rumoured targets, Simone Verdi announced today that he rejected Napoli’s offer and decided to remain at Bologna. Donato Orgnoni, the player’s agent, in an exclusive interview with Premium Sport, explained the underlying reasons for his client’s response to Napoli. Here are his words: “The decision taken has only to to with Simone’s personal issues. Already in December he said no to offers received, he wants to prove himself at Bologna first. He is a serious professional and he likes it a lot at Bologna and he wants to continue his adventure there. I have smiled a lot reading some of the judgements from certain journalists, but this is life and how football works. The objective is to continue to do good until June. Verdi’s choice was a technical one, he did not think he was not going to be a bench player at Napoli.”

Finally, Orgnoni shoots down any theory of Inter being behind Verdi’s decision to say no to Napoli: “There was some interest from some Italian clubs, but they stopped there without no further investigations. We do not have any expectations for June, that is the truth. As for Napoli, we will see what happens in a couple of months.”

By Olof Svensson