Inter Legend Ronaldo: “I Am An Interista”

Inter Legend Ronaldo: “I Am An Interista”
February 10, 2018 04:30
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Gazzetta dello Sport had a long interview with Inter legend, Ronaldo. He started by giving his opinion on Inter’s current position in the League table: “You have to be on the inside to fully understand what is happening but from the outside this really looks like the year for Inter to get back into the Champions League at least. The fans were having fun – when Inter were getting the results – and I was super content with how things were going”.

By saying it is the right year, it suggests Inter is not at the necessary level?

“This is not a joke: compared to the past few years, Inter has improved and still has much more space to continue improving, so the Champions League now is a must, or I think it is, because for Inter to reestablish themselves and attract the bigger players, they must be competing in Europe again. For me it is necessary this year, because if we have to keep waiting it will only damage their reputation more. The table says it will be a difficult task but the season is still long”.

Who better to talk to about the possibility of Icardi to Real…

“I am convinced that Icardi is happy at Inter, like I was even though I suffered a lot of injuries, I did not want to say goodbye. I do not know much about the market, but I know going to Real Madrid is a dream for many players, not so sure about Icardi though”.

Did you expect more from Spalletti?

“You cannot question the the Coaches, the players and so on, every year, you have to believe in the project, you have to give it time to work, what this Inter did in the first few months could not be simply random. They all said that Inter’s best buy was Spalletti, is he not now? Alternatively, I agree with my President Moratti who said: if he is as good as he is meant to be, then he will find the key to unlocking the players -without naming anyone – and getting them back on form after this drop, even if it means changing something”.

About the recent market, are you and Moratti disappointed by the Suning management?

“Financial Fair Play is a very delicate obstacle and Football without rules would implode, but if this project had to be reorganised while adhering to very strict limits, maybe it would of been best to inform the fans correctly, rather than deluding them”.

Speaking of coaches you have trained with and know well. How do you see Di Biago? Is he a good “ferryman” for the National team?

“He will not feel like a ferryman, even if that is all he will be for now, but with the time he has available, he will live as if he his preparing for the most important games of his career, like which will be easier for him, as a player who became a coach. But Gigi already had the skills to be a great coach while he was still a player and I do not say this because he is a friend. He understood the game very well, he played for the national team for many years too. He is a strong bet and I wish him all the best”.

Are you still enjoying Italian Football?

“Napoli-Juventus today has become a bit like Barcelone-Real Madrid from my final years in La Liga. A duel between teams who are a few steps above the rest. Napoli play fascinating Football while Juve crushes you with mental strength and depth. I do not know how it will end but I know how I hope it will end”.

Can you elaborate?

“Yes, but come on, after all this domination of Juventus. I would like to see Napoli win now, as an Inter fan, of course I would prefer Inter to win. Maximum respect for Juventus and its fans but if for once and maybe for a while, if the Scudetto did not go to them, I think it would be a great thing for the Italian League, because if there are not different winners, it gets boring for everyone else”.



By Luca Corchia