Interviewed by the Argentinian newspaper Olé, Mario Martinez, father of Lautaro Martinez, the Racing Avellaneda striker who will move to Inter in the summer, talked about his son’s career: “Only six months ago he had a normal contract, today we are seeing six figures contracts which we could not imagine before. Sometimes I try to calm him down, but in the end he’s the one who gives me peace of mind. Lautaro is a guy who does not give money much importance, so he refused Real Madrid’s offer before he signed with Racing, and if he wanted to secure his future, he would have activated the termination clause when he could leave at a low price. In this sense, he has always tried to leave Racing for a figure higher than the clause, so it ends well for all parties. Racing opened their doors to us when he was unknown. Fabio Radaelli bet on him and took him to the Academy and put him under contract after seeing him play for 10 minutes. The effort made by Lautaro is paying off. My son is my idol, along with my other three children, even if Lautaro is a step above the other three … “.

Martinez senior also hopes to see his son at the next Russian World Championship: “I want to see him at the World Cup as a father and a fan, I know what he can give, even though he is currently behind the other strikers because he does not have international experience yet. Any other 20-year-old boy knowing that there is an Inter scout and another one from the national team watching him would not have been able to focus on the match, but he showed the same determination as always, his mentality surprises me”.