During the weekly episode of ‘Drive Inter’ on InterTV, Milan Skriniar answered a series of questions. Here are his answers:

Do you have a nickname?
“They call me Skri or Scrigno, it also happened to me in my previous team in Slovakia”.

Do you feel comfortable with your team mates?
“Yes, with everyone, I have no problems with anyone”.

Some fans on your arrival asked you to change your name (Milan)?
“Yes, many, even now they ask me but I can’t!”.

What do you do in your free time?
“I spend time with my girlfriend at home with our dog, or we go for a ride downtown or elsewhere, sometimes I go to visit friends and parents, I do not do a lot of shopping downtown, I prefer to stay home for relaxation, we need it “.

You like to sleep?
“Yes, at least 8 hours, I do not sleep during the day, but if I have time, I will do it”.

How much do you use social media?
“I put training photos or post-match photos, but I do not like showing everyone what I do in my free time, sometimes yes, but it’s not all right”.

Where was your passion for football born?
“My father and my grandfather, we are all passionate, even my brother, I started playing at 4-5 years old”.

Who was your idol?
“Ronaldo the phenomenon, but now I like other players too, here at Inter we are at a great level, we play against the big players and teams so it is not right to define an opponent as your idol”.

Your favorite defender?
“Thiago Silva, I like him a lot, but also others like David Luiz and Koulibaly”.

They say you’re made of reinforced concrete…
“I like it when the fans say it, I just want to help the team”.

Your first half of the league was scarily good, you did not have one bad match.
“I don’t know, we could have done more in some goals we conceded, but this is football, if I play well and the team does not win, I’m not happy”.

Fans compare you to ‘The Wall’ Walter Samuel
“Nice comparison, Samuel was very strong, I saw some of his videos a few days ago”.

Materazzi says that Inter can reach the Champions League and you are a top player
“Inter must be in the Champions League, because it’s Inter and we have to do it this year, I like it when famous players give me confidence”.


Spalletti immediately trusted you…
“It was important for me, since my arrival from the beginning he has given me confidence as well as other coaches”.

What is the difference between Giampaolo and Spalletti?
“Spalletti has trained more important teams, Giampaolo can still grow, but he has taught me Italian football, he can still grow, and with Montella I did not play so much, Giampaolo helped me a lot, he was a sort of a master for me”.

Why did you choose the number 37?
“I like it, I also had it at Sampdoria, where I did well and I did not want to change”.

You like to bring the ball forward from the back
“Yes, but my job is above all to defend, if there is the possibility of helping the team by attacking, I try”.

How is it to score as a defender?
“Every goal is beautiful, we defenders do not score much and I think that’s true for all the players.”

If you had not been a footballer what would you be?
“I do not know, as a child I only played football and I just wanted to do that”.

Did you talk to other Slovaks before arriving in Italy?
“Yes, I found Ivan at Sampdoria, we played together in the National team and he helped me a lot: I did not know the language, so he was very good at helping me settle”.

How did you learn the language?
“Almost by myself, I heard the boys talking in the locker room and I wanted to immediately understand what the coach asked in the field”.

Do you spend time with any of your team mates outside of the pitch?
“Yes, sometimes I see Pinamonti or I go for dinner with some of the boys”.