The laws brought in by the Chinese government in 2017 have stopped Inter’s big plans and do not allow Suning to unleash their economic strength to improve the squad. Italian newspaper Il Sole 24 Ore, confirms the laws limiting Chinese investment in football starting from their local championship: “There is now a limit for foreign players in a team (no more than three at the same time on the field), the obligation to deploy a young Chinese under 23 years old and have another one on the bench at least, the obligation for each club to allocate at least 15% of the budget to the academy. Investments abroad were and are functional to absorb the know-how of technical and tactical training and importing of foreign players allows to raise the level of the championship. However, the Chinese government wants popular football, not a football devoted to mad spending and vanity. This is why, after the first two years of the new Chinese footballing era, Xi Jinping (General Secretary of the Communist Party of China) has opted to limit Chinese investments outside of China, such as Suning’s investment in Italy in the form of Inter.