Valencia General Manager: “We Have An Agreement With Inter For Kondogbia & Cancelo”

Valencia General Manager: “We Have An Agreement With Inter For Kondogbia & Cancelo”
February 22, 2018 06:30
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Valencia’s General Manager, Mateu Alemany, spoke in an interview with Spanish media outlet EFE about the futures of Geoffrey Kondogbia and Joao Cancelo.

Alemany began by explaining Valencia’s financial situation stating that “The club’s sporting growth will increase from the sale of players for an amount of at least €45 million, with the aim of improving the club’s position from a FFP standpoint at the end of the season. We must choose between abiding by FFP starting with these sales and then have the opportunity to buy more expensive players and of a higher quality. If you sell, you have to have better chances to access the best players. If we decide not to sell the access to the best players would be reduced. With these two options we prefer the one that gives us more potential, even if it is important to keep the balance.”

Alemany was then asked about the future of French midfielder Kondogbia who is on loan from Inter stating that: “We have until May 31st to enforce the redemption clause, I have revised all the documents and we completely agree with the player and Inter. Before that date we will make a decision, we are obviously happy with his performance.”

In conclusion he explained the situation concerning Joao Cancelo stating that: “his situation is like that of Kondogbia, it is a concluded transaction. The due dates coincide and also those of the payments. The decision is up to Inter. We did not speak and we did not ask anything of the Italian club. They too have time until May 31st, it will depend on them and the player.”